On-going is a project to raise funds and buy a caterpillar that will be used in grading rural roads and other Farm-to-Market roads in Bafut. Manual road construction by villagers


Dear Bafutians and friends of Bafut,

Before we embark on what we are about to say, we want to take a minute to say thank you for everything you do for Bafut as an individual or the donations you give to BMCA for the development or distribution of various forms of materials in Bafut.

We have been asking a lot from you and will continue to ask for more till that day when Bafut will have some stocks/investments which will yield dividends to sustain our needs.

Why do we keep on asking? All you have to do is look around Bafut to see why. If you have visited Bafut (home) lately then you would have seen the deplorable nature of every aspect of life there. If you have not visited home then you must have heard stories which will give you an idea of the conditions there. Our families or someone you know are living in these conditions. Yes we may not be able to cure all the ills or fix every problem in Bafut but we can start with something.

I cannot recount all the different stories each and every one of us has to tell about what has gone wrong with our beloved Bafut. These problems are ongoing now and we want to make sure we do what it takes to achieve our goals by reducing if not eliminating the problems.

We are pleading to all of you, Bafutians and friends of Bafutian or Bafut that the Caterpillar project is a worthy course and you should take ownership of the project. Whether you attend Conventions or not, please contribute as much as you can so we can realize this project this year and focus on other things. Just after the account was publicized, there has been a stream of donations and we encourage everyone to play a part in this. Donations are accessible in any of the following methods and are tax deductable: and click on the DONATE button.


Mail payment to: BMCA Project, c/o Patrick Fuh or Daniel Tanda, 5006 69th Avenue, Riverdale, MD 20737.


Go to a Wells Fargo Bank in your neighborhood and make a deposit into Account Name: BMCA Project Account #: 7348513776 and the State is MD.

We promise you that your donations are going directly to realize our projects. Like one of our brothers Dr. John Sunday pointed out, if we could deposit $100.00 per month for 10 months, and then imagine what we can do.

Thanks Tah Shaddrack Chunga for coming back into the fold. Thanks also to those who have rejoined us silently without being noticed or recognized. I can’t wait to see what we get done together.

Thank you,

Joseph Tanifor ( Vice President BMCA USA )


This application is for the 2018 BMCA-LA Scholarship Award which will cover books and tuition for high school education in one of the BMCA-LA approved participating education institutions located in the Bafut, North West Region of Cameroon. Awarded student(s) must maintain a minimum pass grade requirement and good conduct indicating responsibility, trustworthiness, good citizenship with no more than 1 suspension in the school year to meet scholarship 2nd year renewal. If student does not meet 2nd year renewal, scholarship will be re-assigned to another student. Scholarship recipients will become a member of the BMCA-LA Educate Every Child In Bafut Cohort. Cohorts will receive information and resources as are made available to help support them in meeting their career goals.